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About the difference between "FSC" and "SLIC"

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The following is an explanation of the difference between "Free Sex Club(FSC)" and "Sex Life Improvement Committee(SLIC)" given by questions from some foreign readers.

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“Free Sex Club” is a full membership group sex circle where adult women and men can interact with each other by trying to enjoy sex life by implementing this concept based on the idea of sharing partners.

There is a lot of information about “sexless solution”, but my idea is simple,
“If so, find another sex partner! 』
That is.! It's much easier than the power to repair sexless.
Of course, there are rules. I think it is nonsense to deny some of my everyday life with frustration with sex.

Then fill up your sex life with another space, and you will be more fulfilling and friendly with your partner in everyday life. This is the concept of “A-side life ☆ B-side sexual activity”, and that is where the origins of Free Sex Club are.


On the other side, the “Sex Life Improvement Committee” is a membership-based sex school, it's like a driving school.
It is natural for everyone in their sex life to want to make their important partners happy and comfortable. Then you need the right knowledge and skills. In fact, many young generations are working in various ways to improve their skills.

However, no satisfactory results have been obtained. The reason is simple. You haven't learned the right knowledge and the right sex techniques. You can't do what you don't know.

We support you through lessons, training, accumulation of experiences and more.

You only live once.
No sex, no life.




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